The Booth at the Bridal Fair by Jessica Peterson

Last Saturday I had a booth at a local Bridal Fair.  

For some I thought it would be a good idea to make personalized handouts for people to remember me by.  I made glass magnets with my images inside.  They were the coolest but it took me a long time to do them (I still have some if you want one).

They are so cute and tiny.

Here is the booth.  It was a little kitschy but oh well, it was me so I'm proud. 
I made that sweet chalkboard in the back too. 

These are the magnets in little packages

some of the cards. 

Hire me.

100 dollars for 100 memories... Sound like a deal? by Jessica Peterson

I decided to start randomly posting photo deals on my blog.  This will be the first of many.

So, be one of the first 10 people to email me and be one of the 10 people to get this awesome deal.

I will be doing 10 photo shoots for $100.00.  

 This will include:
 A one hour photo shoot with me
 A disk of the images color worked to perfection
 1   8 x 10 print 
 4  4x6  prints

* for more than a 15 mile commute there will be a charge (from Provo/orem Ut area... sorry)

The photo shoot can be used for:

A baby
Your kids
An Engagement
A gift for someone else
Of your mom
Of your dog
Of you 

Whatever your heart doth desire!  

So email me and and if you are one of the first 10 to email me I will contact you to set up a time and place.



the things in the boxes that live in my closets by Jessica Peterson

I moved houses this last week.  I have been going through all of my things and tossing out what I don't need/want and a big portion of those things have been images.  I have boxes and boxes of negatives, contact sheets, pictures, school assignments, crap and more crap.  It has been a fun process going through them all and observing scholastic progression through the images and reflecting on the 'old days'.   I have been really missing film and the grueling process of it... but not really. 

This is the first polaroid I shot with my Mamiya 645.  
PS I have been trying to sell it for a while if anyone is interested.

Polaroids from Art Center assignments
Charlotte and Sabine

The beloved Holga!
I shot this top image on a drive from Utah to LA with Lou. 
Remember this Lou?

I used to cut up my contact sheets and place the mini images
in little hand-made books and draw on them, this little guy was a straggler at the 
bottom of a box, I almost threw him away.
Sundance Utah

Joshua Tree
Camping with Kelly

Sweetheart Bear
This lovable giant of my dads passed away not too long ago.
We miss you Bear!

That was fun. 

Moving Blues by Jessica Peterson

While packing I become distracted by the camera.

Max pretending to help but really just getting in the way

I will miss seeing this everyday


I am sad to say that I am moving out of my fantastic little house on 9th.  To be honest I am heart broken.  Damn sentimentality... I photographed the light that came into the house, It is always so peaceful to me.  I don't want to dwell on this anymore, change is good and exciting and I need to remember that when I am hurting.

Thank You Steph.... by Jessica Peterson

For being so beautiful and sweet.
Yesterday I photographed Stephanie Dunn, she really is such a sweetheart.  My pictures don't do this girl justice.  
Here is Baby-Kitty... (thanks Marnie for letting use him).  Baby-Kitty really was the tenderest thing, he was such a snuggley kitty and loved being right next to us as if he were ours.

eeeee.... the cutest...

Kitty looks like a little bear in this one with his mouth agape.

While I was shooting I was thinking to myself that I wish I could go back to me 7 year old self and tell me that  I would be photographing kitties for work as an adult, I would have been stoked... I am stoked now. he he... 

 Remember Kitty from a few posts back?
Here he is again.  He seriously has been hanging outside of my house just waiting for me to come out.  I didn't mind at first but he has started to get aggressive/possessive and it wasn't so cute.  

Heather is BEAUTIFUL. by Jessica Peterson

I have photographed Heather before (chalkboard angel and the bubbles), she is flawlessly beautiful inside and out.
I am so grateful to have such talented friends, she is an amazing make-up and hair artist and she does not mind stepping in front of the camera. Thanks Heather for all of the fun times.