Pocket Camera: Fuji Slim and Wide by jessica Peterson

if you look in my purse you will find keys, 5 different chapsticks, a bunch of candy wrappers and receipts, a plethora of pens, notebook, and a Fuji Slim and Wide 35mm camera.  I love it, so plastic and cheap I never have to worry about smashing it and it is always available when I see something I love... Like beautiful shapes and textures or sleeping cat in the middle of a retail store.  I absolutely recommend the camera!


The Bugaboo Buffalo: Park City by jessica Peterson

I was lucky enough to photograph the launch for the new Bugaboo stroller, The Buffalo.  I'm not going to lie, if I had a kiddo I would own one of these beasts! The launch was a blast, I was able to meet some great people and photograph a wonderful product.  It was a delight tromping around Park City, UT with these lovelies.

 *Thank you so much Bugaboo,  Amanda and Cree Jones of Kinfolk, Tayor Shupe and Wife of Stance, Katie Hintz and husband of Refinery 29, Brigham and Caitlin of Nike and Caitlin Wilson Textiles, Aubrey and James McCoy of smile booth.com and the lovely Bluebird blog and of course all of your BEAUTIFUL children. 


Michelle by jessica Peterson

I wanted to visit my good friend Michelle Chirstensen, she is one of Utah's most talented artists and she is honestly just one of my favorite people.  I am just in love with her illustrations and chatting with while she paints. It was my first time seeing her new studio (the last 8 images) and how she really made it hers so I wanted to capture the little things in her space that speak volumes about this woman. Check out her site, she really is so fresh and creative! 


a little for a lot. by jessica Peterson

it has been a while. i have been busy and not always the good kind of busy but i am so grateful to have bits and pieces to share. starts of projects i wish i could finish, little humous moments that make me feel a little more awake, people kind enough to trust me and share themselves with me and of course a record of some adventure I will surely forget.  

8320003744-R1-E016 copy_1.jpg

Little Reds: Beck and Max by jessica Peterson

If you haven't noticed I have a little love affair with red hair... Ever since I was a kid I had to goal to find and marry a redhead.  Looks like that isn't going to happen.  Well, I was supper stoked when I saw these kids walk into the studio today.  You really can't beat red hair and freckles, nothing cuter. 

_I7A5538_2 copy.jpg
_I7A6050 copy.jpg

Passing on my favorite memories by jessica Peterson

I love my family.  I really, really love them and would rather be hunkered away in a house just absorbing their presence than almost anywhere.  This last week I was each one of them, this is a very rare experience and has been for the majority of my life.  At the moment I have a growing army of nieces and nephews and each one fills my little soul with unmeasurable joy... 

I love passing on my favorite childhood memories to the kids.  I think of the way I felt when my Aunt JoJo held me and told me how much she loved me, how special I felt when she gave me her cat book (I was once crazy for kitties) or bought me special Barbie cereal when I came to visit.  I have sweet memories with my own mother, when she made her bed in the mornings and I would crawl under the sheets as she waved them over the bed, those sheets seemed magical when combined with my mother's laughter and love.  

Below is me attempting to pass my love along. I hope it worked and I hope E will look back at this week and remember that her Aunt Jessica is crazy for her. 


Exploring Helper, Utah by jessica Peterson

When I was a little girl I was terrified of older, small towns, I convinced they were inhabited by ghosts.  There were many times I would panic while pulling up to a old motel while on a road trip and feeling I would spend the night where a few people had to have brutally murdered (too much Shining as a child).  It wasn't until a few years ago that I learned that these places have the most amazing textures and oddities.  It really is like stepping into a time machine (time travel is the one superpower I always choose when asking my preferred superpower).  

Helper Utah is a tiny town about 2 hours south-east of Salt Lake, a partially abandoned coal mining town with underground tunnels which served as passages to spread the word to the all brothels that the law was coming during tho prohibition era.  Walking around by myself was a trip. I like walking a new area with my eyes wide open.  The burnt up gas station blew my mind... oh the textures. 


People and Places by jessica Peterson

Yesterday someone asked me what my favorite city to shoot in was, I said, my studio. Does that count?  I really do love having a space to just focus in one someone without distractions.  I love the light, the walls, the floors the giant window that illuminates the place.  I love waking up in the morning and feeling excitement knowing I have somewhere to go and work away from dishes and laundry and tv.   

I just got scans back from a few months ago when my sister-in-law was still pregnant with my nephew George (who I will meet for the first time in a few day... SO EXCITED!)  She was such a lovely glowing pregnant woman and I am so happy I was able to have her sit for me.  I hope they will always remind her of the special bond and connection she has with her son.

Grateful for my space, grateful for the people I know who let me take advantage of thier beauty and grateful for a voice to share them with.


LOST MEMORY by jessica Peterson

Found this outside of my car, drowning in the rain.  Not sure if it accidentally fell out of someones car or if it was tossed out the window in an emotional outburst from a lost love.  Either way it made me sad.