4 to 25 / by Jessica Peterson

4 more days until my 25th birthday. Crazy.
This morning on my drive to lunch with Brea and Sarah I sat thinking about my life and where I am and how close I am to the path I thought up for myself at earlier ages...

Here they are

Jessica's Plans at age 5: Grow up, marry Prince Erik (from the Little Mermaid) and have a blond haired daughter names Melissa. Become famous painter, actress, singer and own an entire ranch full of My Little Pony's.

Jessica's Plan at age 15: Marry my college sweetheart at age 20-21. Have first child at 23 and another child every two years from then on until I could fill a suburban to the brim. Be a famous painter and live in a white house with purple flowers in the garden.

Jessica's Plan at age 25: Have successful career as a photographer, marry when the time is right and one day have a kid or two. Be happy even if non of the above happens.

It's funny how things end up, I am happy that I am nowhere near where I wanted to be as a 5 or 15 year old. If I got what I wanted I would now be an awful actress, a very unsuccessful singer with a ranch of imaginary ponies, married to some cartoon man and raising a bunch of kids I am not ready for...

I am content here and now.

All I want for my birthday is a really really yummy cupcake... and maybe a dollar for a diet coke.