1:30 AM / by Jessica Peterson

Does admitting and accepting that you are socially awkward make you less awkward?  I sure hope so.  

I had a wonderful day.  Woke up, walked to the church, watched T baptize a beautiful girl.  Met with Carrie in a yum yum cafe and ate pumpkin waffles for lunch (I will say New York really does have the most amazing food)...mmmm.  Carrie and Erik came over, Carrie and I snuggled and napped on the couch, Erik and Travis played PS3.  I napped some more and met up with some girlies in Brooklyn at a hip bar where I felt very uncool while everyone around me was so cool and hip.  I ate tacos from a bus (delish), walked to Jen's place and watched 2 episodes of family guy.  I will admit Family Guy is one of my favorite show, it's crude and gross but it can make me laugh louder than anything else can. It was a good day. 
I'm back now.  Feet hurt.  Hungry again.  Always hungry.  

Well, I still feel like a directionless soul, I pray God will give me direction so I can plant my roots and get to work on living again.  Though being laid off really blew for a while I now have empathy and sympathy for all those who have lost their jobs,  this is something I wouldn't have been able to really understand.  I feel so blessed to have had a financial cushion, I can't imagine being one with a family to provide for. Keep those people in your prayers.  Let's hope that things will come back together sooner than later.  

I really miss maxie pad.