Buying with my eyes / by Jessica Peterson

Being in New York and not having any money can be a little heart breaking when you are someone like me who thinks everything is so adorably delightful.  I decided that whenever I see something I would like to have I will just take a picture of it, it's almost as good as physically owning it, maybe even better because it doesn't take up space.  
I found this amazing journal, I swear it was made just for me, I feel like another me somewhere out there made it.  It is a journal with different topics to make lists to, on each page there is a little illustration to go with the topics.  Oh man, I don't know how many lists I have written, it is almost some sort of addiction for me to pick a topic and beat it to death with a list.  My favorite lists have been:
1. essences of the people I love.  This includes all the things I feel and remember about the person, it's a raw way to explore why you love someone and why they are so unique to you.  no censor no seconding why you write what you wrote... but be careful, you might find there are people you don't like as much as you thought.
Lets do one right now... I choose....Diana Browning.

Diana Browning : Best friend, diet coke and fresca, blankets and cuddling, can say anything to her and I mean anything, trust her with my darkest secrets, knitting, home, max's adopted mom, comfort, missing, smells warm (weird but it makes sense in my head),homemade gifts, brownie mix late at night, wiped my bum when I was too sick to do it myself, scars on her knees, burps just like me.

2. Lists of memories and moments after a fun weekend or a visit from someone so I don't forget the small but so amazing interactions.  Sometime it is just a word, but the word will later trigger a memory I had almost lost.

3. What makes me... Happy, bored, etc

I recommend lists.  I recommend noticing.  I recommend recording.