Dear Deer / by Jessica Peterson

The night before I left i was in my office doing some work when I heard this loud crash outside my window.  I figured it was a car accident which is not an unusual thing to happen in front of my place.  I walked over to the window to see the damage and in my front yard there is this beautiful deer slowly walking across my yard.  She wasn't limping and I saw that as a good sign, maybe she wasn't hit, maybe she stepped in front of a car who then slammed it's breaks on causing the car behind them to hit bumpers, I wanted for that awful thump I heard to have been the metal from cars and not the body of that sweet deer.
Well, a bit later animal control knocked on my door, she was hit, she walked to the backyard, curled up under a tree and died.  I wanted to cry, my heart was sick.  I felt so horrible.  I feel horrible.  Poor deer... know you were loved.