Cataloging... again. / by Jessica Peterson

The other day I was at the library looking at art and photo books and I ran across the cutest book called Dirty Wow Wow, it is a book with images of peoples childhood blankets and dolls along with a brief explanation of why that object was so important to the person or a specific adventure they had together. I was inspired to do the same and take a photo of my blanket, unfortunately it is MIA, I am thinking someone must have mistaken it for a cobweb and thrown away it away (I'm not joking, it's as frail and thin as a spiders web from me pulling all the fuzz off of it). But.... while looking for the blanket I found treasures that have been tucked away for safe keeping and then decided to do number two of The Things That Mean Things, a post I did a few months ago.

I am happy I did it.

My mom's camera, it's been broken for a while.

My Grandpa was a cowboy, this was once his. It used to sit on my mother's drawers, I remember staring at it all the time as a kid and imagining it was real and mine, I think I broke its leg off.

This was my Uncle Johnnie's

Grandmother's purse

Great Grandmother's clutch

Mine, not sure where it came from or who made it.

My mom's childhood mit.

This is too cute, my brother Jimmy wrote this for my Grandpa over 24 years ago.

with a picture of space.
I love space.

I really enjoyed doing this.
You should do it too. If you do, let me know, I would love to see them.