just writing. / by Jessica Peterson

List time! off the top of my head..

favorite words:
-Cigar box

Favorite Foods:
-Pizza (the good kind, not the 5 dollar poop in a box)
this is a silly, I like food so much, I like it all

Moments I wouldn't mind reliving:
-Walking the city by myself at 5am while listening to Jose Gonzales and wrapping my sweater tightly around me to protect me from the rain
-Listening to Oliver make up stories before bedtime, I was a Ghost and he was a little monster and we would end up at parties and ride spaceships, so cool
-The time I got 3rd place after feeling like a complete failure
-Driving home from LA with Lou, we fantasized about being cowgirls who inhabited the small ghost towns we passed
-On my dads boats and at least 25 dolphins came to swim with the boat, they were incredible

Favorite songs at this moment:
-Cello song by The Books with Jose G
-Everything by Bon Iver and Beirut

What I wish didn't happen:
-I wouldn't wake up feeling tired every morning even though I get plenty of sleep
-Music being tainted and ruined by the association of good times gone bad (make sense?)
-The winkles in my face getting deeper
-The sun ditching out on me at 4:45 these days (no good)

Okay, I am done.