the things in the boxes that live in my closets by Jessica Peterson

I moved houses this last week.  I have been going through all of my things and tossing out what I don't need/want and a big portion of those things have been images.  I have boxes and boxes of negatives, contact sheets, pictures, school assignments, crap and more crap.  It has been a fun process going through them all and observing scholastic progression through the images and reflecting on the 'old days'.   I have been really missing film and the grueling process of it... but not really. 

This is the first polaroid I shot with my Mamiya 645.  
PS I have been trying to sell it for a while if anyone is interested.

Polaroids from Art Center assignments
Charlotte and Sabine

The beloved Holga!
I shot this top image on a drive from Utah to LA with Lou. 
Remember this Lou?

I used to cut up my contact sheets and place the mini images
in little hand-made books and draw on them, this little guy was a straggler at the 
bottom of a box, I almost threw him away.
Sundance Utah

Joshua Tree
Camping with Kelly

Sweetheart Bear
This lovable giant of my dads passed away not too long ago.
We miss you Bear!

That was fun. 

Moving Blues by Jessica Peterson

While packing I become distracted by the camera.

Max pretending to help but really just getting in the way

I will miss seeing this everyday


I am sad to say that I am moving out of my fantastic little house on 9th.  To be honest I am heart broken.  Damn sentimentality... I photographed the light that came into the house, It is always so peaceful to me.  I don't want to dwell on this anymore, change is good and exciting and I need to remember that when I am hurting.

Paper And Ink Have Special Relations by Jessica Peterson

I have been drawing quotes and thoughts in my book lately
I had to share this toe one below and a few others while I am at it.

Yesterday I was sitting with Oliver and my feet were up on the coffee table.
Oliver says to me, "Jessica, where did your toe go? What happened?"
He was referring to the gap between my big toes and the pointer toe (??).

Oliver drew this of me... I look so happy and I LOVE my big, long fingers and hands.

Practicing shark drawings

and some more

I drew this right before we shaved Jordan's beard for that time lapse a few days ago

I wrote this after my mom told me that max tried to find a "way out" of the yard under the porch to get to me after I left the house one afternoon, he got stuck and she had to fish him out...

Church drawings... Honestly I can listen better when I draw... I promise.
My 3 dogs.

Thanks for letting me share.

and me by Jessica Peterson

Fashion has never been of much importance

Growing up with three older brothers... I wanted to be tweety bird and Jimmy makes me into a Zombie Tweety bird without my knowledge... I still love you jimmy.

And I cursed myself at a very young age... if I only knew. ( i am even funny as a 4 year old)

I had to share this. Check out my belly, it's really sad but not much has changed with me. I still like to eat like there is no tomorrow.

I like these memories by Jessica Peterson

All day D carried my old notebooks around with us and read them... we had some good laughs, especially about the entries I wrote while on Ambien.  My thoughts were awesomely raw, maybe one day I will post one for all to enjoy. 

Her favorite flowers in their most beautiful stage.

I caught her trying on her Grandfathers hat.
Her Grandfathers car she road in as a child. 

D as me, me and max by Jessica Peterson

My best friend D is in town for the week and I thought it would be fun to do a little afternoon shoot with her and max. It's called Jess and Max. It's just about me and my dog and how each of my days starts off. So D is supposed to be me in my home, my bed, my office and kitchen... although D is much, much more glamorous than I could ever be, I am happy she was down for this. In a round about way I wanted to document my mundane mornings, how max is endearingly and annoyingly at my side at every single moment. It was a lot of fun to be able to document my home and watch someone else in it.

Trees and Chickens by Jessica Peterson

This afternoon I while sitting in the dining room eating Natalie's yummy brownies I saw the neighbors chickens take over the yard.  I wanted to take some pictures so I slowly crept up to them.  Most ran back to their coop to hide but some were more trusting and hung out with me for a while.  I ended up walking around forever looking at all the things I have missed before.  It had been raining all morning, everything was dripping with moisture and color.  I found myself walking slowly, watching everything like it was something new to me, I felt like Alice in Wonderland for a moment, in a different world steps away from where I am everyday.

I feel old when I feel like this, I feel like my mom when we would go hiking years ago.  She would stop and feel the grooves in each tree and tell me their names and why she likes them so much, she would be so fascinated by old Indian trails and the connection of past worlds with ours, she would keep walking to see more and I would fight to turn back so my lazy self could sit in the air conditioned car.  I always thought she was such a hippy.  I love her.

Through the lens these looked like hanging veins.